Fretful ManThe most embarrassing health questions that we’re too afraid to ask often have to do with supposedly gross topics or topics about which we feel silly asking. When it comes to your health and your doctor, you should never avoid asking anything due to embarrassment. It becomes problematic if you fail to ask them, as you may end up having a serious issue that needs medical attention.

Both women and men have issues about which they are embarrassed. It is important to realize that doctors deal with a variety of different things and more than likely what you think is embarrassing is actually something common that he or she deals with on a daily basis. You should not be afraid to ask anything.

Embarrassing Questions for Females

Women are generally embarrassed about certain things and sometimes they are so embarrassed that they don’t want to ask their doctor. Sex is one topic that can be particularly embarrassing.

The Huffington Post says that one common embarrassing question that women have concerns a low sex drive. Doctors say that it is a common issue and can often be solved with date nights, hormone stability, or counseling.

Asking about getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases is difficult for many women. Not only should you not be embarrassed about asking it, but your doctor should already be asking you the question because it is important, especially if you have multiple partners.

Other questions around getting pregnant can be commonly embarrassing for women. Some questions concern fertility issues, sexual positions, or if an orgasm is required to get pregnant.

Asking questions about smells tends to be embarrassing for women as well. Whether it is private places, stinky feet, bad breath, or smelly gas, women don’t like to smell bad. Women are known to be the better-smelling gender so when they are not, they are extremely embarrassed.

However, your doctor hears these questions all of the time and knows what the possible causes of the smells are. By sharing your concerns you can find the answers and help that you need.

Questions That Men Are Embarrassed to Ask

Men tend to visit the doctor less often than women do. Whether it is because they feel too macho or it is harder to fit into their schedule, men are more hesitant to make an appointment. Once they are at the appointment, they will often act as if everything is alright. Asking any question, much less the embarrassing ones, is very rare.

As with women, any question that revolves around sex is embarrassing for men to ask. Pre-ejaculation is something that men are embarrassed about because they see it as a threat to their manhood.

However, the Mayo Clinic says that it is a very common condition. The fact that it is very treatable is one reason why men shouldn’t be afraid to ask about it.

Erectile dysfunction is another question that is embarrassing for men. WebMD states that, even though it is a tough topic to bring up, it is important to do so. E.D. can be a sign of more serious health problems that should be caught sooner than later. It can also be helped, with medication, a change in your medication, or simple advice.

Asking about blood in the urine or semen is a difficult question for men. Other topics that men are embarrassed to ask about include sweating, constipation, receding hairline, and their weight.

How to Lessen the Embarrassment

Even though both genders have embarrassing questions that they are afraid to bring up, not doing so can lead to even worse problems. There are things that you can focus on that will help you lessen the embarrassment.

First of all, find a healthcare provider with whom you feel the most comfortable. If you are a female, you probably feel more comfortable with a female doctor when it comes to basically any issue. Same with being a male, as many of the issues are gender-specific.

Don’t be afraid to shop around for a doctor. Meet with them one-on-one and have a short interview, or try to set up a phone discussion. You can tell quickly whether or not you feel comfortable enough with them to trust sharing your health concerns and possible embarrassing questions.

Understand that you are speaking with a professional who deals with health issues, especially the embarrassing ones, regularly. Something what you feel embarrassed about is nothing more than an issue to fix for them.

Even starting off by saying you are embarrassed about the topic is a good lead in. Your doctor will probably tell you that they hear this question all the time and that the issue is very common.

You may be tempted to skip asking about something about which you are embarrassed. Because most everything is treatable, the sooner you talk about it with your doctor the sooner you can get rid of it and go on with your life.