Healthcare costs are expensive, and the price keeps rising as medical technology advances. Doctors and nurses have salaries to pay, medical equipment purchases must be paid off and prescription drugs are costly to formulate and distribute. Although medical breakthroughs have enabled the quality of care to increase tremendously, they’ve also led to a significant rise in healthcare costs.

Many people believe they won’t need health insurance because they are young and healthy. The truth is that there is no way to reliably predict what may happen in a person’s life that will require a doctor’s attention. Someone might have a sudden gallbladder attack or burst an appendix, requiring an emergency surgery. They might be involved in an accident and break a leg, or they might become ill and require antibiotic treatment in order to recover. While living a healthy lifestyle plays an important role in maintaining good health throughout a person’s life, it can never protect a person against all of the potential medical issues one may have.

If a person does not have insurance, they may likely overlook minor medical concerns until they become a major issue. For example, a person may avoid going to the doctor despite a persistent chronic symptom. That symptom may be the first indication of a serious medical concern, and addressing it quickly would help the patient recover more fully than waiting until it was an emergency situation.

People who have health insurance are more likely to pursue routine medical maintenance like yearly checkups and women’s health exams. In the long run, this preventative medicine can help to reduce the chances of a person developing a serious medical condition.

The best time to buy health insurance is when a person is young and healthy. While many people obtain coverage through their employers millions still have the need to find their own personal health insurance policy. We can help. Simply enter your ZIP code above to find health insurance companies near you.