Let’s face it, being married can be tough. Two separate personalities sharing a home and dealing with the potential stress of family, work, finances, and, above all, trust. You have probably seen those dismal statistics about the failure rate of first or second marriages and you don’t want your partnership to be included in that number.

Even the best of marriages can experience bumps along the road. If you find that your wedded bliss has become a bit tarnished, perhaps you can get help to return it back to its new and shiny luster. In this case, it might be beneficial to learn whether your health insurance will cover marriage counseling.

What Can You Expect From Marriage Counseling?

Like most types of analysis or guided help, marriage counseling is a form of therapy that involves numerous methods to help solve problems. In marriage counseling, a trained psychotherapist works with you and your spouse to identify the underlying issues of your situation and develop ways to repair your relationship so that you can continue on the path of happily ever after.

Your counselor may employ a variety of approaches to discover which is right for you. For some couples, role playing has proven effective because it allows you to put yourself in your spouse’s shoes and get a better understanding of how the other person is feeling.

If infidelity or jealousy has become a roadblock in your union, your therapist might incorporate some trust exercises in your treatment to help rebuild confidence between the two of you. This might involve blindfolding and listening training.

Other concerns that could be helped through marriage counseling are insufficient communication, lack of intimacy, and child disciplining disagreements. Today, another popular dilemma is the difficulty of managing a merged family, which often includes the unique challenges of stepchildren and stepparents.

Marriage counseling can assist with these situations by allowing couples to freely and openly discuss the situation with an unbiased mediator in order to get to the root of the trouble as well as detecting ways to tackle the problem. Through couples therapy, you can learn things such as how to disagree without fighting or how to work together to present a united front in the face of outside interference from other family members. Although marriage counseling works best when both members are present and willing, it is also possible to seek individual treatment. In such circumstances, the professional may be able to offer some coping mechanisms or ideas to try at home.

A marriage counselor is not likely to tell you directly whether your marriage can be saved. Instead, he or she will provide a safe platform to discuss your issues and the tools you need to decide the answer for yourself.

It is important to remember that, since the problem did not develop overnight, the solution will also take time. You can expect marriage counseling efforts to last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. The length depends on the issues you are dealing with and the depth of conflict. Overall, unconditional sharing and a strong commitment to improve your relationship is the key to successful marriage counseling.

Is Marriage Counseling Covered by Health Insurance?

Any type of pair is entitled to marriage counseling help. This includes gay couples, those who are engaged, significant others, and domestic partners. In addition, you do not have to have a threatened relationship to seek counseling. Thriving partnerships can also benefit from marriage therapy to make their bond even more unbreakable.

Marriage counseling sessions can cost from $75 an hour all the way up to more than $200 an hour. Of course, this must be multiplied by many total hours. You might be able to find a counselor who is willing to adjust your cost based on your income.

Unfortunately, most health insurance companies do not cover marriage counseling sessions. There are a few exceptions, however, such as when counseling is recommended by your doctor or if your health insurance provider has therapists in their preferred provider network.

How to Find a Good Marriage Counselor?

To qualify as an official marriage counselor, the therapist must be currently licensed in the state where they practice. You can also look to see if they are certified by professional, industry-specific organizations such as the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Word of mouth is a very effective way to find many kinds of professionals, including marriage counselors. You can ask friends, family, colleagues, physicians, and other healthcare representatives for referrals.

After gathering a list of potential therapists, you will need to narrow down the choices based on your precise requirements. For example, you may feel you are more comfortable with one gender or the other. In addition, you have to find someone whose capability, cost, and availability is the best match for you.

Don’t get fooled. It is critical to make sure your counselor has the education and training required to help you. Generally, at least a Master’s degree is required. You should also make sure he or she is a therapist, not just a coach or advisor.